The Topicalcare Dilemma

A case study was written and constructed by the researcher for the purpose of discussion and analysis during both sets of interviews. It contains the essential ingredients of an exploratory case study. It entailed enough information to understand important issues and dealings that have transpired between parties in the case, however, not enough data or evidence to support its logic. This was done intentionally in order not to inundate participants with excess data.

The case study was presented to all respondents via electronic mail prior to the interviews (Appendix A shows the details of the case study). In addition to the stated question in the abstract, other open-ended questions were asked in both sets of interviews (Appendix B shows the details of the Questions). Also, in order to buttress the point in the case study, respondents were given a statement made by TopicalCare Group’s Chief Executive Officer after the debacle (this was attached to the case study and can be seen in Appendix C).

This was included to paint a clearer picture of the situation. The choice of the size of the case study was precisely planned not to be more than two pages, so as not to bore the respondents, but to hold their interest and attention. As expected, different views emerged from both sets of interviews. These views and perceptions have been matched against theory and presented below.