Data Collection

Primary data for this project was collected from focus group interviews and face to face interviews while secondary data was obtained from relevant books, journals, and website pages on the TopicalCare and records (as well as other accessible sources). Most of these journals have been sourced through the internet, such as the Journal for international business studies and various foreign investment report e. g. world investment reports.

Information from these sources facilitated case study build-up, as well as provided background information during group interviews.

Primary data which was obtained through interviews was not very cumbersome because most of the respondents are experts and management staff of TopicalCare Company. The choice of these respondents is based on their understanding of much of the theories and principles that surround international business practise.

For example, one of the interviewees was the executive director of TopicalCare responsible for international investments. Also, expenditure incurred in notifying the selected participants, has been minimal, as it was basically telephone calls and photocopied hand-outs (this had background information printed on) expenses.