Communication Society Crisis

This case study is about an organization that lost its eeffectiveness when they failed to be accredited by the Committee on Student Organization Accreditation. This study talks about the fall of a student organization and their struggle to be an accredited group in the university. Although the study is about the organization, the organization itself focused into another problem wherein the students are concerned.

The organization is now facing the membership problem bacause they are not accredited and at the same time, they are worried with the status of the students’ abilities and the falling situation of other student organizations due to different priorities. Communication Society Crisis 1 Case Study Communication Society Crisis Communication Society, an academic organization in a university failed to be accredited as a legal group in their college. The people in the organization worked out with their accreditation status so that they will be allowed to collect fees and produce income generating projects for the fund of the group.

Although they already submitted the complete requirements for the accreditation, the Committee On Student Organization Accreditation wouldn’t like to approve the organization’s qualification as a legal student group. Hence, the failure of the certification resulted to less members and fewer projects. The executive board with 11 officers were the ones who were left in the organization. Unfortunately, three of the remaining eleven didn’t attnd the meetings and so, the board decided to elect temporary officers from the 3 vital positions.

Rizza was voted as the president while Tanee and Mart were voted as the secretary and the treasurer respectively. During the registration for membership. there were 187 students who signed up but only half of it attended the general assembly. Eventhough only half of the registered members attended, they held an election for new officers wherein Rizza stayed as the president. After the election, the new executive board had a meeting and decided to continue working with the membership.

The new executive board decided that they need to continue working with regards to the membership of the organization. They noticed that the students in their college are not interested with organizations anymore and that most organizations in the college were not functioning like they used to before because the officers set the organizations aside from their priorities. Although the students were outstanding in their academics, it seems that they lack ability in performing group or team works successfully.

Aside from the lack of ability to work in a group, most of the students are locked in the library to study that they forgotten about other ways of learning and enjoyment. They concluded that maybe at some point, Communication Society can help in enhancing the abilities of these students and develop them as effective student leaders. 1. How should Communication Society develop the students’ working abilities and their social kills? 2. What kind of training shall they use to enhance their social skills and make them effective student leaders? 3. Give some reasons on how these kind of training can help the students.

Answers: 1. The Communication Society should study the situation of the students and find out what should be enhanced with their abilities. After studying the students’ case, the Society can detect how they can develop the students’ working abilities and social skills. They can start with a seminar and later on, they can work on with different team buildings and group dynamics that will somehow help the students. 2. The Society would preferably use a leadership training seminar. In this leadership training seminar, there will be team buildings and socialization activities.

Aside from these two activities, the organizaers or Communication Society can actually start other activies like amazing race, treasure hunt, or maybe as simple as a relay game. Also, there can be activities that appeals to the emotion of the participants so that they will also learn to be vocal and transparent in the organization. These activities can help in achieving the mission of the organization. 3. As mentioned in Number 2, this training will have different aspects and different trusts that will depend on the need to develop the skills of the students.

Aside from leadership or enhancing their leadership skills, the students will have the chance to mingle with others and practice their social skills. Furthermore, there are activities in the leadership training seminar that will need their working abilities in a group. Therefore, in this leadership training seminar, its not only the skills in leadership that will be enhanced but also the working abilities of the students in a group and their social skills. The teambuildings will enhance their teamwork and their attitude towards work.