Sexual Violence

Sexual violence involves coerced sex through threats, intimidation or physical force and may take the following forms; a). Use of physical force to compel a person to engage in a sexual act against their will, whether or not the act is completed. Even in a marriage relationship, sex should be agreed upon prior to engaging in it. Most husbands assume that once a woman enters into a marriage contract, he has the right to unlimited sexual access to his wife.

Sexual abuse and rape by an intimate partner is not considered a crime in most cases and women in societies do not consider forced sex as rape if they are married to or cohabiting with the culprits. Any sexual advance without mutual agreement by both parties is considered as sexual violence. Husbands rape their wives and it is never reported because it is not considered a form of an abuse. Sexual abuse against adolescents is very common especially when the victim is a girl. This is possibly because at this age they look beautiful and attractive.

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Such abuse is mostly meted by close family members such as brothers, cousins, uncles and even more sadly fathers. b) . Attempted or completed sex act involving a person who is unable to understand the nature or condition of the act, unable to decline participation, or unable to communicate unwillingness to engage in the sexual act, e. g. , because of underage immaturity, illness, disability, or the influence of alcohol or other drugs, because of intimidation or pressure, or because of seduction and submission (as in female forms of sexual aggression).

This is common among children left under the care of a either close or distant relative. Many cases have been reported of fathers abusing their baby daughters. However many other such cases go unreported just to safeguard the reputation of father and the family. It is said that most fathers defile their daughters as a punishment to their wives after a quarrel or separation. Cases of mothers sexually abusing their sons are rare even though we can not conclude with certainty that there are no such cases. c).

Abusive sexual contact is another form of violence which involves touching of private parts of a person of the same or different sex. It includes unwarranted caressing and even use of amorous words. d). Another very common form of violence is she taking of a second wife. According to Innocenti digest magazine no. 6, ‘It makes no difference that bigamy is crime, many men continue to believe that they have a right to home extra marital affairs. Statistics indicate that women in most developing societies do not own property or the matrimonial home, which belongs either to the husband or to his family members.

The man is therefore literally the lord and master of the home and hence considers the women to be just a worker in the house mostly and more prove to violence. ’ When a man marries another wife, he abandons the first wife and children and they consequently suffer from other forms of violence such a economic and psychological violence. Even women secretly decide to have extra-marital affairs as a well of punishing their husbands or when they are not satisfied by them either sexually or financially. This can in turn physically violent besides the psychological torture it causes to the husband.