Economic Violence

Economic violence occurs when one person in the family takes undue control over the family’s resources especially money and denies other the access to the same. It is common mostly in the African and Asian cultures where men are considered superior than women. In such a situation men take control of the family income and determine on how it will be used without involving anybody. In most cases they misuse these resources without taking into account of the family needs.

The victim is put on a strict ‘allowance’, withholding money at will and forcing him/her to beg for the money until the abuser gives them some money. To make the matters worse, the resources withheld are in most cases earned by the victims of this violence, who usually happen to be women and children. In fact most many in the African rural set up do not work in the gardens (shambas), which I the main economic activity. Since they own lands they presume that the produce is rightly theirs.

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Domestic economic violence also includes cases where the father refuses to share his property with already mature son. This forces the son to remain poor since he does not have the resources or capital to enable him improve his situation. Economic violence may also include preventing the victim from finishing education. The victims in this case are usually girls. In most third world counties, education of the girl child is not priority. Most of them are married of at puberty and therefore denied the chance to pursue education and career for their later lives