Domestic Violence

Being addicted to alcohol and certain drugs is also one of the prevailing causes of domestic violence. Abuse of substances influences a person’s behavior and may cause him to become violent. Poor emotional health is caused by alcohol driven mind and drug influenced system. (Domestic Violence, 2006). Domestic violence is also caused by great loss of properties or death of a loved one. This is a secondary anger which is passed through family members. Frustration and feelings of helplessness also drive one to abuse family members in order to release stress (Domestic Violence, 2006).

Signs of Domestic Violence There are signs and symptoms of domestic violence. When a perpetrator manifests the following signs, the victim should share his or her observation to people who can help him or her and the family. One of the major signs of domestic violence is domination. When one of the family members continuously asks the place where one is going, the people he or she will be with, and what he or she will do, he or she should consider thinking twice if such questioning is due to concern, overprotection, or an attempt to dominate. Isolation is another sign of domestic violence.

This occurs when the perpetrator tries to confine the victim within the walls of their home by not permitting the latter to go outside and meet other people. Cutting away communication with other friends and relative justifies may be a sign of being isolated and being domestically abused (Domestic Violence, 2008).. Jealousy is also another sign of domestic violence. This leads to possessiveness and insecurity, as the perpetrator constantly accuses the victim of cheating or having an extra-marital affair. This often results in physical abuse and isolation (Domestic Violence, 2008).