Chasing the American Dream

After years of trying to succeed on my own, I gave up the chase for wealth, fame, and fortune with my very minimal college experience. I realized that success was not going to happen for me because I did not posses the skills necessary to achieve my goals. I had to go back to college if I was going to make the “big bucks” and have the type of career that I wished to have.

Trying to make it in the “real world” without a college education is certainly possible, but people who hold jobs higher than entry level or mid management positions posses certain character traits that I simply do not have. They have expert knowledge in an area, sometimes learned from family trades, or they have money or desire. I have had neither up to this point. What I do have now, however, is the realization that I’m going to have to work my way up in a career, and I can better achieve that process with a college degree.

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College will give me the necessary skills needed in corporate America, where I can begin my ascent to the top. College also offers me the opportunity to interact with many people in a both a constructive and recreational setting. I am very social, so this fills my social need and at the same time keeps me on track to my ultimate goal – earning a degree that will help me obtain, keep, and succeed in a career that will last a lifetime.