Justification of Methodology

Measuring the students performance would now require a non-face-to-face interaction. The survey was conducted as web-based rather than paper-based because the former, with hyperlinks and java scripts, can conveniently direct the readers to designated webpages where relevant examples, explanations or instructions are provided. Results from the pilot survey showed that without web-based examples the respondents could not really understand the ASP features explained in plain texts. With java scripts, definition of a terminology is automatically displayed when a respondent points the cursor at it.

Extranet surveys has a faster response rate; easier to send reminders to participants; easier to process data, as responses could be downloaded to a spreadsheet, data analysis package, or a database; dynamic error checking capability; option of putting questions in random order; the ability to make complex skip pattern questions easier to follow; the inclusion of pop-up instructions for selected questions; and the use of drop-down boxes. These are possibilities that cannot be included in paper surveys.

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Due to the anonymity and lack of face-to-face and physical interaction through the extranet, it is argued that it is more likely that a person will show its true self during extranet survey rather than face-to-face interaction. Lately, 50 Cent of America was highly criticized for the cover of his latest album, where he was shown cradling a baby in one arm and in the other holding a gun behind his back. 50 Cent is just one of the hip-hop artists that are criticised off and on online for creating and popularizing “crap” music.

In an online forum article, he was described by an online forum participant as someone who “makes a lot of black people ashamed”6 Artists are beginning to gain awareness of their responsibilities as public people and are starting to steer from negative topics while not loosing their identity in their craft and individuality in the music industry. One example is Mary J. Blige of America, who once created songs about oppression and anger is now on the topic of anti-apathy and unity among diverse people. Mary J. Blige has recently collaborated with the highly acclaimed group U2 of Europe for an appropriately titled song, “One Love”.

In UK, urban music artists Miss Dynamite, Lisa Mafia and Shola Ama has joined together for a tour to raise money for anti-gun initiative Stop the Violence charity as published in an online article by the BBC news network7. Miss Dynamite herself believes that musicians or artists have a definite responsibility to the people in terms of gun violence and crime and is willing to work with the government in combating the gun violence. Conclusion and Recommendation Technological innovations have enabled a global widespread for any media.

On average, young people spend 5 to 6 hours a day listening to music or watching television; that’s why popular culture is absorbed faster and wider amongst youth from different countries. While some listen or watch hip-hop or rap music in terms of recreation or relaxation, some admit that they sometimes listen to it to aggravate feelings of anger or hate. According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, up to 75% of music videos contain sexually explicit material and more then half contain violence that is often committed against women8. Children and young adults see these everyday extensively, and almost always without parental guidance.

Consistency of violence in the television makes them appear acceptable thus promoting indifference to violence itself and aggressiveness. Take note, children and young adults today spend more time watching television and listening to music than the time spent in school. The use of extranet in construction companies with regards to studying end users aims to provide them value for money, better productivity, and better competitiveness of the students. On the other hand, the teachers aims to give a committed leadership, focus on the students, integrated processes and teams, quality driver agenda, commitment to people.

Information technology represents a paradigm shift with respect to the way we design, procure, build and maintain buildings. Adopting the new technology and adapting to the change is the best way to leap forward and re-engineer the industry. With the state-of-the-art developments in IT, and the government’s keen interest and support, many local industries are poised to process re-design. The construction industry, in particular, should make use of the current technology to help shed its traditional image as an unproductive and unprogressive sector.

The industry stands to gain much from learning about and applying the advanced technology to improve the processes of construction. It is clear from the survey that the most significant impacts of IT on the construction industry are faster information transfer, reduction in difficulties in project coordination, better means of communication, and easier and faster access to common data. Although the Internet has been adopted by most firms surveyed, a lot of information is still exchanged in its traditional means.

Where the survey of end users, in this case, students, show most of their dissatisfaction in their learning and overall experience and the teachers has problems with the relationship among students, it affects the growth of learning when it comes to planning and teaching. Direct influences of violent lyrics and images of urban music on violent acts of the youth cannot be concluded but it is certainly a factor adding up to acts and thoughts of violence. It is not fair to directly equate the posse that urban music portrays of black youth to real life because in the end, it is still an art apart from reality.


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