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Week 6 provided the end and the conclusion to my work placement in STG Media Corp. and I feel like it was all too quick. I was finally comfortable in the workplace, have familiarized the faces and the Creative Team which had welcomed me ironically as part of their team. I did final reports concerning the statistics of how the print advertisement of the sport drink is doing in the current market, fortunately the results favors the sports drink company and many sports and health magazines are offering them to advertise in their publications.

The company now has to maintain the services to the sports drink company as their client and the Creative Team is again busy with an upcoming project. As mentioned, I feel very comfortable working at the company and learned that even if the people I’ve met varied incredibly in personality, most of them had made this experience very productive and made me learn so much from them. The end of my work placement is not a big thing, but one thing is for sure, after I get my degree I would very much consider working for an advertising agency, preferable in STG Media Corp.

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The experience is indescribable, I never knew how the things I learned at school can be so observable in real life working scenarios and how it had made me realize that I can very much use the knowledge I have in future work. I was given the opportunity to work in one of the company’s big projects and that means a lot for my confidence. I felt like I have something in me that they trust can deliver a notable output. But at the same time, I was also exposed to the tasks that make the advertisement career well rounded in the field of communication.

Report I have been in the work placement program in about (please indicate number of months) and I can only conclude that it has given me an experience I would not trade for anything else. It is a learning process, of enabling a person to adapt to the working environment and learning valuable things related to a future chosen career or even the way a person will make plans for his future. I was very lucky to have been chosen by STG Media Corp. as a student for their work placement opportunity.

At the beginning, it was a decision that was motivated simply because I am a communications student that wishes to learn more about the media industry and the issues surrounding it. But as the weeks progressed and the things I learned accumulated, I realized that it has affected me in several ways beyond whet I associate in communication theories and the advertising media. The company entrusted me to help in one of their major projects of the year, wherein their client is a well-known sports drink company that is introducing a new product in their product line that aims to accommodate the different health needs of athletes.

I was tasked to help the Creative Team, a team that concerns conceptualizing the print advertisement to be shown through the Internet to attract different magazines that can accommodate them in their publication. The first and very basic I did to help the company’s effort was to gather information about the sports drink company. It appears to be easy, after all I just need to collect vital information about the client and synthesize it as a report to the team. But the difference is that the company needs extensive background of the company, its market and competitors, and the level at which they know their consumers.

The interview with the client ended well, I incorporated the questions given to me by the team and included my own questions to further contribute more to the team’s knowledge about the company. In terms of the use of the company’s technology, I realized that the company has made an extensive program in providing their clients the best service they can offer. For example, the particular database in which the client’s market background and company profile was imputed results to a report of things significance in the study governing their marketing strategies.

Figures, statistics and other vital information was readily made by the database to provide the Creative Team the direction to which they can work their way in the process of planning and conceptualizing the print advertisement they can use. Given this situation, I realized that technology does make valuable inputs in the media industry. Not only does it serve as a channel in which they work their processes out, but it helps them to be effective in the services they render.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is the ideals in advertisements and the communication issues revolving around it. For example, when I was assigned to watch the advertisements of the client and follow the trends to which they have evolved in their advertisements made me realize that their marketing strategies differs across generations and adapts to the kind of society they are delivering their goods and services to. In the present case, the sports drink company is currently modifying their product to appeal to the more health conscious athletes in society.

The company is now paying attention to the fact that consumers are very much aware about their health and are buying goods that are beneficial to them. There is also the great deal of knowledge I learned about personal evaluation in my work placement experience. The STG Media Corp. is a company that is very efficient in assessing their employees’ performance and how they provide opportunity for them to change and develop into worthy employees. The company provides opportunities for growth and development, and this touches the company’s dedication in providing services that has changed in the 21st century.

That I think should be followed as an example of every company because it entails more job experience and more opportunities for them to grow in a working environment. I would not trade this experience for anything else. I came in the University with very little communication skills and a big student loan to think about in the coming years. I was intimidated and worried of how to fit in a working environment, but through this experience, I feel like it prepared me with a background and experience that nothing else would.