Shared Purpose

leads to strengthened alignment between the school’s vision and the school’s teaching and learning practices. facilitates the development of a professional learning community, culture building and school wide approaches to teaching and learning. makes possible the enhancement of school identity, teachers’ professional esteem, community support and students’ achievements. ” (2000) Crowther, F. , Hann, L. & McMaster, J. (2000) presented a diagrammatic conceptualization of leadership for school reform introducing the strategy of parallel leadership.

Diagrammatic Conceptualization of Leadership for Successful School Reform What and how could parallel leadership contribute to the schools proposed reforms, particularly on its ability to retain its teachers and thus improve the quality of its educational and clinical services. This strategy proposes total change of paradigm of leadership – of ManCom, and individual managers as strategic leaders, and the teachers as the pedagogical leaders. The defining characteristics of parallel leadership will clearly set the tone for the actions for Shafallah reforms.

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The aspect of parallelism involves the aspect of alignment of directions to the over-all school vision, that which is multidimensional, “encompassing the processes of school-wide learning, culture building and creation of school-wide pedagogy, and focusing on the mutualistic relationships of principal leaders and teacher leaders in these processes. The educational leadership literature includes policy manuals of most educational systems and leadership development centers. ” (Crowther 2000) Mutualism According to Crowther (2000), mutual trust and respect must be present in the relationship between the management and the teachers.

There must be full understanding and acceptance of the roles of each party. All actions and decisions made by leaders must be devoid of discrimination of nationality, race or religion. Especially considering that this institution caters to the less privileged, special children, both management and teachers must possess the true commitment to make better lives for the disabled. Details of the Adhoc Committee reports revealed that the causes of the parents’ problems were mainly on the poor services of the school.

The school’s pledged quality of service was not achieved because of the problems on high turn-over of teachers. The erring complaints of the teachers were valid considering the high turn-over or high resignation rates consistently for the past two years. Though management cannot be charged with intentionally ignoring the concerns of the teacher, it is noted that teachers’ concerns were really not given priority, especially that there is no Human Resource Department installed that was supposed to handle these concerns.

This department could have looked into the problems erred by the teachers and could have recommended to ManCom to perform its function as arbiter to the existing “rift” between the foreign nationals and the local teachers or as parallel leadership literature would use – “principal leadership and teacher leadership”. (Crowther 2000) The achievement of mutualism is quite too far at this point. Series of activities have to be conducted to emphasize the importance of common understanding and acceptance of the roles of each party.