World bank

Dear I am applying for a position with the world bank. My experience in International Economics and International politics make me an ideal candidate for this position. As my resume clearly indicates, I have an extensive background in financial management, wealth management, liason activities involving clients and leadership skills which i feel are ideally suited to the position for which I am applying.

In addition to my extensive qualifications which are detailed in my resume, I have had a great deal of leadership experience including my work with the Model United Nations, through the Int’l School of Panama, Florida State University, Georgetown University from October 2001 – May 2007. I served in various roles as Secretary General, Director General, President of the General Assembly, and Chair of the largest high school and collegiate conferences in the world. I also founded and lead the first MUN debate team at the Florida State University, Rep.

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of Panama branch. My professional qualifications for this position are as extensive as my education and other experiences. In addition to leadership skills, I am fluent in several languages, an apt organizer, and an expert in matters if International finance and politics. I look forward to interviewing for the position. Barring direct communication from you I will follow up this inquiry by phone or letter to ensure that an interview may be scheduled. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Leadership Experiences Georgetown University Student Association, Vice-President of Student Body March 2006 – March 2007 §1 Elected to represent the 6,500 students of Georgetown and manage a budget of $25,000 to improve student life on campus §2 Meet and lobby University administrators, including University President Jack DeGioia, to represent student interests §3 Expanded GUTS bus service, wireless network on campus, and meal plan access to Hoya Court among other achievements

GU Pakistan Students’ Association, Georgetown University, Founder and President October 2005 – May 2007 §1 Lead an organization that educates, informs and promotes Pakistani politics, culture and society on campus §2 Collaborate with members of the wider Pakistani community in D. C. and the Pakistani Embassy to organize events §3 Created and manage an alumni network, with active donations totaling $5,000 in its first year