North America

Ifa religion has been in practice among the Yoruba people of the West African Nation of Nigeria. In recent years, the religion that seems to be only popular amongst a set of people is now gaining much recognition in the world scene. Ifa religion has been accepted, not only in Nigeria and Africa, but now thriving in the Caribbean, South America and North America, especially in Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Grenada, the Guyanas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, Tobago, and Trinidad. The followers of Ifa religion believe in the existence of deities and supernatural forces.

The supreme deity is known as Olodumare while the supernatural force(s) as Orisha(s). Also, there is the belief in spirits like the belief in Ancestral spirits and forces which most times are attributed to inanimate things like trees, rocks and so on. In addition to these, there is the belief in magic, which is called Oogun, witchcraft, which is known as Aje and sorcery, also known as Oso. Furthermore, there is the belief in reincarnation and that every man is born with a specific destiny. To know ones destiny, one has to consult with the Ifa priest for divination.

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Also, there is the belief in predestination and so nothing happens without the ratification of Olodumare. Like most African religions, it is believed that ones destiny can be altered and to do that, one has to offer sacrifices to appease the spirits as they rule in the affairs on men. The notable event that has influenced the spread of Ifa religion is Slave trade. This is because its popularity is owed to the scattering of the Yoruba folks during the 16th century slave trade, where they were taken captive to these nations.