Mission and Legacy

People with goals are those who succeed because they know where they are going and that goal is their motivation to work harder and continue reaching for it. (Nightingale, 2007) My purpose in life is to seize every moment and experience absolute happiness with the things that I do and achieve my dreams and ambitions by using the people I love and my optimism motivations. As for now I am in the middle path and continue to do moderate things and enjoy the most of what I have. Life is too short to be sad that is why in whatever I do and whatever I want I don’t want to feel any regret with the decisions that I am making.

Though 3 years ago I was in Korea, I am still the jolly person now that I am here in the United States who continues to socialize and make every acquaintance in every event a memorable and happy one. I want to live a Legacy to people by pursuing and studying enthusiastically fro me to be able to achieve my long term goal of becoming a successful University Professor in Communication. And at the end of the day I see myself going home to the one I love and enjoy being a father to my sons and daughters. Mission and Legacy 2

On this journey towards my goal there are some hindrances that may occur and delay achieving my dream of becoming a good educator. Since my Dad wants me to help him in dealing with our business I also have to do him a favor by helping him first in making our business grow before going through my profession in teaching and settling for a good family life. I want to live a Legacy in this world through the things and experiences that I wrote in my journal. I am consistent writing on it and I want to share to my future students all the lessons that I have learned through the experiences that I have encountered during my previous years in life.

With those experiences I will come up with great lessons that will contribute to their young minds and may influence them as an individual. As a great communication instructor years from now, I will leave an educational legacy that my students will surely treasure in their lives.


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