How Could Journalizing be Considered a Stress Reliever for Pressured Individuals

The society today is plagued with the many factors that contribute to the stressing and depressing situations that individuals primarily deal with every day. This is the reason why psychologists all around the world are preparing different therapies to answer the said devastating situation within the human systems. It has not been long when experts found out that writing daily journal helps in the said process of decreasing the depressing emotions brought about by the daily activities in life. It has been noted by experts that writing is actually a helpful process of releasing one’s stressful emotions.

This writing is particularly noted as journalizing. To understand what this particular process of healing is all about, understanding journalizing is necessary for the completion of this particular study. What is Journalizing? “Journal” as the word itself defines is a process by which a person keeps a daily record of the major activities that he completes every now and then. Journalizing need not be strict. The details and the arrangement of the use of words are free depending on the decision and the discretion of the person completing the journal.

The chronological arrangement of the events that are written need not be strictly presented. The whole idea of journalizing is to primarily assist people in primarily asserting themselves, expressing their thoughts in a much free process. Journalizing could also be called as “diary-keeping”. From this, it could be concluded that the written pieces are intended for personal reading making the process less pressuring and more easing. It is very important that a person is able to express himself as to how he feels about a certain situation that happened in his life.

This would naturally help him cope up with the different difficulties that he certainly needs to deal with as he intends to face each new day of his life. Everyone keeps a secret of his own. It could not be denied that it is common enough for people to commit secrecy because of being ashamed of what they may have done or what might have happened to them in the past. However, keeping the secret for so long, may affect the ways by which the person would be stressed enough by the personal effects that that particular event brings him.

This is the reason why there is a need for people to have a constant confidant who would actually remain silent about the deepest secrets that people ought to keep. This is where the role of journalizing comes in. As said earlier, people are encouraged to journalize the stories of their daily lives to be able to cope up with the fact that there are indeed several pressures that they cannot avoid, and it could not be denied too that they have to have a specific way of unwinding their own selves from the said pressures brought about by life.

This is the primary reason why it is necessary for one to have someone whom he could trust with everything and that is writing. This is a process of writing that puts no rules and restrictions upon the writer as to how they are supposed to present certain situations that they needed to deal with during a certain day or occasion. As for a fact, psychologists have already found ways by which people could be helped in creating their own daily journals.

Of course, not everyone loves writing. Most of the time, because of the busy lives that people have to live, they end up simply sticking their eyes on television when they get home and after which they imply go to bed, exhausted and tired from the whole day’s work. This is why realizing tension in a daily basis is very important. How should one be able to take this practice into serious concern?