Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

I graduate Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Dallas in fall 2007. With these, I would like to continue my studies by applying for a Masters degree. I would like to take Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas this coming fall 2008. I am interested on obtaining a specialization on the field of finance. For me, quality education takes time, so studying more about my field about business administration, especially on the same university will be advantageous for me and for my future career.

With the aid of the very supportive faculty of the business administration department during my four year undergraduate education, I am very excited again to learn from them, especially from my favorite professors like Mr. David Ritchey, Dr. Nataliya Polkovnichenko, and Dr. Peter Lewin, all whom teaches at the Graduate school of Business Administration at the University of Texas at Dallas. For me, higher learning is attained by studying under their relevant and informative instruction and teaching.

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Being with them for the years to come will enable me to become a better and intellectually matured person in the field of Business Administration, with specialization in finance. They also inspired me to continue my studies up to the Masters degree and to concentrate in finance. They thought me quality education during my undergraduate years and still hopes to teach me quality education for the years to come in my Masters degree.

Being in the field of finance is a very good profession. With the knowledge of money handling and economic cycles, one can predict the outcome of development and growth of economies. A very good economist or finance analyst starts with a very good and solid educational foundation. This foundation is laid out by very good professors on a very good university. A university that teaches quality education and excellence like the University of Texas at Dallas.