Real Yellow Peril

Is there, then, no Yellow Peril? If the argument is valid, does it make any significant difference how we treat Asiatics within our borders or whether we construct high walls of exclusion? Most confidently there is peril in the contact of East and West. It makes a huge difference both to us and to them what our attitude and treatment are. The loss to California as well as to the entire United States through radical anti-Asiatic policy will be none the less real though it may not take the forms anticipated by panic-stricken publicists and politicians.

Ill will, scorn, injustice, cruelty are of themselves serious evils. The entire manhood of those possessed by such a spirit is dishonored. At the present, a radical Asiatic exclusion policy will not merely maintain this spirit however promote it on both sides of the Pacific, for it will keep the races apart and stop mutual acquaintance and adjustment. A number of the Vancouver Saturday Sunset voices the opposition of numerous toward Asiatics and well exemplifies the evil referred to. The Aryan, it appears, is a monthly published in Vancouver.

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An editorial in The Sunset contained the following sentences, in which the writer effectually reveals his own character: ” The Aryan’s back cover is covered with brotherhood of man philosophy in large type; ‘God has made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on the face of the earth’ and several others like that. That is all very well, but we don’t want brown men for brothers. . . . We don’t care whether the Hindu was born under the flag or not. If he could peroxide himself white it would not make any difference.

He would still be an Oriental–smooth, insinuating, sinuous, saponaceous, unctuous, and several other things expressed by adjectives more picturesque and easier to pronounce. The Oriental does not rhyme with the white man at all and cannot keep step. It is meddling with nature’s arrangements . . . to let the Hindus get their feet in here. ” (Annika Mombauer, Wilhelm Deist. 2003) To this the editor of The Aryan replied: “We are sure the Hindus in, as well as outside of, India will find these courteous lines, expressed as they are in the vigorous style of the last and best West, grateful and comforting.

” certainly the endorsement of the spirit displayed by The Sunset is extremely deplorable. It is due, though, to ignorance, maladjustment, and misunderstandings. This is one feature of the real Yellow Peril. (Annika Mombauer, Wilhelm Deist. 2003) The steady maintenance of an aggressive anti-Asiatic spirit in all white lands cannot fail to build up a corresponding spirit in all Asia. East and West will therefore be deliberately set more and more against each other.

In effect each side will be in constant fear of the other, suspecting ill will, conspiracy, and sudden armed invasion. Each side will regard as essential the maintenance of large defensive forces. Each increase of shield on either side will demand corresponding increase on the other. The wealth of both civilizations–East and West–will be squandered on ever-expanding armaments, to the inestimable thus far pointless loss in the economic development and general prosperity of both civilizations.

Furthermore, with rising hatred and suspicion, combined with a sense of safety as a consequence of preparedness for war, occasional outbursts of ill will would be altogether probable. Race mobs might with no trouble sweep out of existence small groups of loathsome aliens within their reach. Asiatic resentment against whites might easily consequence in Boxer-like uprisings, and, due to capability to meet the white man with his own weapons and skill, a disciplinary journey of the “five powers” would be impossible.