An Analytical Discussion

Deborah Tannen is an author known for her enthusiasm in showing the differences of humans as individuals. Many of her books particularly pertain to the differences of men and women, the pitfalls of conversation among the young and the old generation. It could be noted that though her books, she naturally mentions about several meeting points that could serve as the assumingly linking factor between the different sectional divisions among the social population.

The said author recognizes that fact that each person has a certain individuality that carries his or her character that is usually based upon the background that has been particularly experienced by a certain individual. Deriving the sources of character of the said individuals from their past, has made it possible for Tannen to make amends on the differences of people regardless of their age or their gender. Most of her books were well read especially because they give practical advice on how people could deal with the most difficult situations in life especially in terms of personal relationships.

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As Deborah Tannen herself experienced being differently treated by others because of the social and demographic gap that she has with others that are dear to her, she was able to create possible solutions that has not only helped her but also others who were able to read her writings. One of her most favored writings that was recently released by the publishing industry is the reading entitled: “You’re Wearing That? : Understanding Mothers And Daughters in Conversation”. This material particularly helps mothers and daughters see the differences as well as the similarities of their standing as individuals.

Most of the time, it is not easy to understand how women think, this is most likely true when women and younger women exchange their ideas considering that they are mothers and daughters alike. About the Book As published by the author who is known for her brilliant ideas in tying the knots of individual differences among humans within relationships, this book gives a clear description of how mothers and daughters intend to catch themselves in disagreeing opinions every time they are trying to establish a conversation between themselves.

This particular reading material is intended to help mothers who are dealing with young daughters who are entering the most confusing years of their lives, the teen years. Psychologists have particularly noted this stage as a primary source of stress among mothers and daughters as they converse about key issues that concern them and their relationship as well.

It could not be denied that as young girls enter the years towards their maturity, they do have opinions that are less likely acceptable for their mothers making it harder for them to create a harmonious relationship with older women. Mothers who face this dilemma are usually faced with the challenge pf being able to recreate the ways by which they are able to attend to the conversational or communication-based interaction needs of their daughters without actually bombarding them with sermons and other issues alike.

Many readers of the said book were delighted with the practical help that they have garnered from the said publication. The ability to know and perceive what is in the minds of the younger generation based from the experiences that they had when they were younger like their daughters make it possible for mothers to relate to what their daughters really want and need to hear from their guiding parents.