Why do computers changing?

Like IBM, Microsoft also had their default webpage set to US English format. But unlike Apple and IBM, it had used a more balance combination of pictures, text, and web components such as drop down menus and search bar. It also had a news bar but since it is not a streaming text unlike the one of Apple, it can only display one headline story. The main page also has a giant picture but it is not as large as the earlier website’s centerpieces. Beside it is two smaller pictures that also serves as an advertisement, and then followed by a nice search bar and an open drop down menu.

Below these pictures and components were an animated sidebar that charges the text in the main page whenever I mouse hover or clicked an inactive link, and another picture that then promotes the new Microsoft office 2007. I had clicked the office downloads link that leads me to a page full of Microsoft office news, updates and freebies. The Popular downloads also looks appealing to me because it offers free downloads. But they were free to use as long as you have a genuine Microsoft Operating System and Office.

Other links give articles that give advices to their customers such as how to trim down pc’s electric consumption and keeping pc’s speed in top form. They had also provided links for their web pages that were usually visited such as web pages for templates, clip arts and Windows Defender. Going back to the sidebar, they had categorized their usual browsers into Business people, IT professionals, and for developers. That serves as a nice way in order that their usual browser would get the right technological news from their site.

You know what pc buyers hate with pc manufacturers? This is the fast pace technological change in the personal computer industry. Like me, I know now that even if I will buy the most up to date pc, in the next few months or even weeks, there would be another new technology these manufacturers are offering. Then if I will check the price of my outdated newly bought pc, I would then be shocked that it had gone at a very low price. Though this idea is not good for the advancement of computers, it would still not halt the fast change of our computer technology today.

With the improved way of communication, with the fast way of disseminating information, no one can contest to the fast change of technology. And because computers are included in technology, computers also change. Computers are originally intended to help the human society. And the change in the computers wants to deliver this objective better than the older generation of computers does. How did Microsoft get where it is today and how did Bill Gates inspire such strong feelings?

Who had known that a college dropout like Bill Gates has the great fortune he has today? Education is an element of success but if there is the chance to get the success midway of education, why not grab it? After all, the real goal of many students is to prosper after their education. Get the right job that they know that would make it true. Bill Gates was lucky enough that he had the chance to be with his co-computer whiz Paul Allen and others so that he had been able to set up the most successful company in the computer industry.

He was lucky and that luck should also serve as a hope for others that even though you did not prosper in such thing such as graduating in the case of Bill Gates (He had filed a leave of absence in Harvard so that he could focus in the company he will then call Microsoft), there would be other opportunities that would come but someone should be very careful on how would he choose this opportunities since this opportunities could also be another failure. Explanation: I had chosen these two messages because I think it had tried to give the best intentions but still needs improvement as what had Alexander’s article had thought me.

I had done these messages right after I read the article of Alexander about computer conferencing. I had tried to apply the principles but after reexamining the article, I had forgotten to use Alexander’s examples particularly in his advice for PCP 3. In my first message, I started by taking over to be the speaker of the people who hated the continuous change of computer technology. I think my mood is not humble enough and in addition, I had not balance the people’s representation since not all pc buyers hate the continuous change of computer technology.

I had also done these messages without visiting first the forum if there where any available messages by my colleagues. This had forbidden me to have another’s idea as basis. Thus, I cannot apply Alexander’s PCP 1 and PCP 2. The good thing about the first message is that 1. It had still followed the principles (but not the examples) starting from PCP 3 onwards. 2. It still had avoided the flaming spirals. And then for the second message is that 1. It is informative and inspirational in a way.

It also had followed the principles starting from PCP 3 onwards. Upon realizing the above shortcomings, I had listed down possible improvements to be done with the two messages. For the first message 1. The people who support the continuous change of computer technology should also be represented. I could make an additional message so that I would not think that my first message is only one-sided. 2. I must view the messages of my colleagues in the web forum so that I could know whether they agree with or critic my message.

I could then give up a follow up message that would first give acknowledgement to the message of my colleague and then commend him if I would agree also to his views. 3. I will try to be as humble as possible when I am writing. My next messages should be as clear and as precise as possible. For the second message 1. I think I had not clearly given my opinion on how Microsoft get where it is today. I had only focused my message for Bill Gates. I could make an additional message so that I could fill up the missing portion in my first message. 2.

My mood in the second message is that I am a reliable person for such trivia about Bill Gates. I had forgotten to acknowledge my reference wherein I had confirmed that Bill Gates stop going to school in order to co-found Microsoft. Though I knew for myself a brief background of Bill Gates from other media such as TV, I had still used another reference like this website, William H. Gates III Before Microsoft, so as to support what I already knew.


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